Moroccan Mint

Winter 2013 Kombucha Flavors

1) Yerba Maté
: fermented Yerba Maté dulce with a touch of fine Chinese green tea to enhance the flavor and natural effervescence.

2) Vanilla Rooibos : a remarkable oak cask fermented kombucha made with the South African medicinal tea infused with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla.

3) Hibiscus : White Monkey green tea kombucha infused with hibiscus flowers… as beautiful to behold as it is to drink.

4) Blueberry : a hand-crafted Blueberry and Rooibos blend using Urban Yoga Foundation tea.

5) Golden Flower Oolong : smooth & rich in flavor with notes of wood and floral overtones, oolong tea has long been heralded as an elixir of health and longevity.

6) Hojicha : Fire roasted Japanese green tea gives this seasonal offering a toasted caramel flavor and natural sweetness.

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